राष्ट्रिय समाचार समिति

National News Agency, Nepal
A network for complete information


The National News Agency (RSS), having nationwide network, is the largest and longest serving news agency in Nepal. It was established in 2018 BS under the Rastriya Samachar Samiti Act, 2019 BS, merging two privately owned news agencies with a view to facilitating newspapers and broadcast media. With the development of news media in Nepal, subscribers of RSS have so far reached more than 100 newspapers, radios, online media, and televisions. A pool of permanent and stringer reporters scattering throughout the country contribute to the news service and photo file every day. 

It has arrangements for exchange of news with the reputed Associated Press (AP) of USA, Agence France Presse (AFP) of France, Xinhua of China, Kyodo of Japan, Press Trust of India and Associated Press of Pakistan for over three decades, and has started providing high quality photo service of national and international events subscribing from the AP, AFP, Xinhua and Kyodo recently. The RSS also exchanges news with these news agencies as part of bilateral arrangements. 

Whether it is information-conscious readers in Kathmandu or villagers in rural Nepal, students at campuses, diplomatic missions in Kathmandu or abroad; or commercial, financial, and industrial establishments, RSS serves news and photos in a timely manner in the best traditions of news agency journalism, with speed, accuracy, and objectivity. RSS provides news and photo services in edit-friendly format so that it would be easier to secure, copy and edit.


  • You can read today what is going to appear in black and white in tomorrow's papers.
  • You can have news and information in detail without waiting for radio and TV news hours.
  • You can get useful information, no matter whatever may be your fields of activity.
  • You can get information on any world event whenever you like.
  • RSS is the right medium, a stepping-stone for successful enterprise in every sphere of activity.
  • RSS, the only longest serving news agency in Nepal, has been in the media service over the last forty-seven years. It supplies accurate accounts of the developments that take place within and outside Nepal.

... And with 47 years of experience in news service- RSS stands with the motto – Dissemination of Information You Can Trust.

RSS Act and Regulations

RSS ACT, 2019 BS